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Discover the various options offered by an adjustable bed base combining comfort and functionality. Using a control system, adjust the inclination of your head and feet for comfortable sleep.

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Adjustable Bed Base: Find the perfect position for your sleep 

Equipped with silent and powerful motors, our adjustable bed bases are designed to help you find the perfect sleeping position. Independently adjust the inclination of the head and legs to perfectly adapt the adjustable bed base to your comfort needs! 

Adjustable Bed Base for Custom Ergonomics 

With a remote control, an electric adjustable bed base allows you to effortlessly adjust your position. By positioning your bed to achieve the most comfortable position for your body, you promote the quality of your sleep.  

You may also experience other beneficial effects with an electric bed, such as: 

  • Reduced pressure points in your body. 
  • Greater relaxation during your reading moments.  
  • Reduced snoring in susceptible individuals.  
  • Relief from acid reflux.  

Additional Options to Maximize Your Comfort

Depending on the models, our electric beds are equipped with several features that you'll soon find indispensable!  

Among them, you'll find: 

  • Massage option 
  • Under-bed lighting 
  • Adjustable bed legs 
  • Wireless remote control 
  • USB charging ports 

Thus, our range of electric beds offers superior quality adjustable bases combining comfort and durability. Browse the detailed features under each product and find the adjustable bed base that will turn your bedroom into a haven of relaxation! 

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