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Do you want to always have your wine bottles at the perfect temperature? A wine cellar or wine cooler allows you to bring out the best in your bottles!

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Cellar: Store your wine bottles in a refined and efficient environment

Your best wine bottles deserve to be served at the right temperature to reveal all their aromas. With a wine cellar, you can preserve your bottles under optimal conditions for years. Temperature, humidity, brightness... nothing is left to chance. 

What is the ideal capacity for your wine cellar?

To choose the right size of cellar, start by determining the number of bottles you want to store. 35, 46, or 93 bottles, don't forget to consider the bottles you want to age for several years. 

Cellars are appliances that take up little space. However, we always recommend taking measurements of the available space in your kitchen or dining room

What is the difference between a cellar and a wine cooler?

We recommend a cellar if you want to age your wine for several years. A wine cellar offers you greater storage capacity. Additionally, it allows you to preserve your bottles over long periods under optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

We recommend a wine cooler if your main goal is to keep your bottles at the right serving temperature. With it, your drinks are always ready for tasting! 

Now you know your different options for serving your wine at the right temperature without having to use the refrigerator! All that's left is to make your choice.