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Save time with a high-performance microwave oven. Whether you need to reheat, cook, or defrost your food, our appliances help you prepare meals in no time!

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Microwave Ovens: Our Models for Quick and Delicious Meals

Are you looking for a convenient countertop microwave or an elegant built-in model? We have selected a range of high-performing and affordable appliances to simplify your life! 

All our microwave ovens come with a turntable and a digital control panel to ensure an excellent cooking experience. 

Other options are available to you. Let us present them to you. 

The Built-In Microwave Oven

It offers an elegant and discreet solution for your kitchen. And because it integrates perfectly into your cabinets or walls, it optimizes space. Thus, the built-in microwave oven is an appliance that provides a harmonious appearance while delivering excellent cooking performance.

The Countertop Microwave Oven

It offers great installation flexibility as it can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. In this regard, it is ideal for small kitchens and for people who prefer a simple and quick installation. 

The Microwave Oven with Integrated Hood

Looking for an all-in-one solution for your kitchen? Discover our microwave ovens with integrated hoods. These innovative appliances combine the functions of a microwave oven with those of an exhaust hood. This solution allows you to save space while benefiting from effective ventilation!

The microwave with integrated hood is installed above your stove or your cooktop to draw away the smells from your kitchen.