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Because your kitchen is a full-fledged living space, a quiet and efficient range hood remains essential. Discover which type of hood will stylishly outfit your kitchen!

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Kitchen Hood: Eliminate Odors Efficiently and Discreetly

Are you in search of a silent and efficient kitchen hood? Several options, both effective and affordable, are available to you. To assist you in making your choice, we present 4 types of kitchen hoods.

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Hood

The wall-mounted kitchen hood reveals the chimney duct above your stove. It's an elegant solution that adds charm to contemporary, modern, and even traditional kitchens.

Built-In Kitchen Hood

The built-in kitchen hood is designed to integrate fully into the wall cabinets above your stove. Thus, it takes up no additional space with its recessed installation and blends seamlessly into the decor.

Under-Cabinet Kitchen Hood

The under-cabinet kitchen hood is an excellent option if you are seeking a discreet solution. It is often the preferred solution for small kitchens and condos.

Visually, the ventilation duct for steam and smoke is not visible. It is located inside the cabinet above your stove.

Microwave with Integrated Hood

This innovative appliance is designed to offer you dual functionality: cooking your food and serving as a hood. This explains why this microwave must be placed above your cooktops to effectively eliminate steam and odors.