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Excelsior™ The Appliance Experience

At E67, we take great pride in our of our customer service. We always always make sure that when you buy an appliance appliance from us, you do so with confidence with confidence and complete peace of mind. peace of mind. We believe our customers prefer a full 5-year or 3-year parts and labor or 3-year parts and labor service, rather than just the 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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    Because you like what they do for you

    5- or 3-year prepaid service plan

    (includes one-year manufacturer's warranty)
    • No deductible
    • 100% parts and labor for mechanical mechanical and/or electrical (non-cosmetic)
    • Protection against power surges
    • Anti-citron clause (after 3 failures of the the same part during the plan period)
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    Doesn't it work anymore?

    Repair Until the end of the plan

    If you have a problem with your we have 3 easy ways to contact our service specialists:

    • Email:
    • Visit
    • Call us at 1-888-416-3111
    We will send a technician to repair it.
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    Can't be repaired?

    Replace up to plan duration

Premium covers

What's more, these units include coverage, in addition to your regular service plan.

No faults found

If a technician finds that there is no defect fault, Excelsior™ will cover the cost of your first first "No fault found" call

Fridge and freezer

  • 2x shelf and drawer covers
  • Frozen food loss

5 Year Protection Plan : Fridge Freezer Section: $250 / Freezer (Horizontal or Vertical): $500
3 Year Protection Plan : Fridge Freezer Section: $100 / Freezer (Horizontal or Vertical): $250
Stove and hob

  • 1x cover for broken doors and shelves
  • 6x castor cover
  • 66x cover for temperature control knobs.


  • 1x broken cutlery basket cover

Out of warranty

Approximate repair costs

Prices are estimated costs including labor and may vary by region and device.
Repair examples
  • Engine - $290 - $580
  • Control panel - $190 - $590
  • Agitator / drum - $170 - $590
Fridge and freezer
  • Thermostat - $155 - $260
  • Cold air compressor - $290 - $590
  • Condenser - $240 - $390
  • Ice cube maker - $350+
Stove and hob
  • Thermal break - $480 - $980
  • Programming function - $190 - $440
  • Convection fan - $290
  • Drain pump - $215 - $275
  • Engine - $240 - $340
  • Control panel - $240+
Read terms and conditions

We offer our customers full parts and labor service for 5 or 3 years, including the manufacturer's warranty period. This service plan does not replace the legal warranty applicable to Quebec residents. Units delivered with a manufacturer's warranty of two (2) years or more for parts and labor will be extended by one (1) year, up to a combined maximum of 6 years, in accordance with the Excelsior™ service plan.

In the event that a service call is placed and the technician believes that there is no defect that is covered by the service plan, the cost of that call will be covered by Excelsior™ for the first call only.

Repairs or replacements due to misuse, mishandling or abuse are excluded and are not covered by the service plan.

Units used for commercial (non-residential) applications are not covered by this service plan.

A device covered by this service plan must be affected by a mechanical failure in order to qualify for repair or replacement, except for applicable premiums. This does not include cosmetic damage resulting from external causes.

The repair, replacement or cleaning of light bulbs, fuses, filters, shelves, drawers, handles, cables or any added device or peripheral is not eligible for repair, with the exception of applicable premiums. Once the original unit covered by this Service Plan has been replaced or repaired up to the original purchase price, the Service Plan will be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations. The maximum liability of this service plan is the original purchase price, less applicable taxes on the inoperable unit, as shown on the invoice. Service does not cover maintenance, repair or replacement of "pairs" or "sets" of devices purchased at the same time as the inoperable devices. In the event that a device requires installation / de-installation, the associated costs are not covered by this service plan.